Western Family states: As a private label company we contract with hundreds of suppliers to pack
product for us. This list is not updated daily but reflects the information we have received from our
supplier for the products listed. This list is for products sold in your marketing area only.  We urge you
to continue to read labels carefully so that you are alert to potential changes in the product(s).

For more information on Western Family brand products call: (503) 639-6300.

Below are some items from their Salem, OR area gluten free list as of August, 2009:

Antacid Effervescent Pain Relief (Deseret Labs)
Antibiotic Ointment
Apple Juice & Cocktail, bottled
Apple Juice, frozen
Baking Cocoa
Baking Soda
Barbecue Sauce
Bean Soup Mix
Beans, canned dry beans(black, Garbanzo, kidney, pinto-but NOT butter beans
Bouillon (beef & chicken) (made by Hormel)
Brown Sugar
Beets, pickled
Canola Oil
Chicken Bag N Bake
Chicken breast, canned
Chili Beans, canned
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Flavored Syrup
Cocoa Mix
Coffee, instant
Corn, cream style
Corn Syrup
Corned Beef canned
Corned Beef, fresh
Cough Drops, all
Cranberry Juice Cocktail, bottle
Cranberry Juice Cocktail, fz
Cranberry Sauce
Dips (for chips)
Dixie Cups
Enchilada Sauce, red only
Evaporated Milk
Eye Drops
French Fries, Fz. Crinkle Cut or Steak NOTFrench Fries, seasoned
Fruit Cocktail
Fruit Snacks
Garbanzo Beans, canned
Garlic Salt or Powder
Gelatin (all flavors)
Grape Juice, White
Ham (Tavern Ham)
Ham, sliced (lunch meat)
Hash Browns
Hot dogs
Hot Sauce
Deluxe Ice Cream-some flavors only are GF
Deluxe Ice Cream Bars - all GF
Italian Dressing Mix
Jams & Jellies
Kidney Beans Light Red
Lactase Enzyme - call Perrigo
Lemonade, frozen
Luncheon loaf (package)
Luncheon Meat, canned
Mandarin Oranges
Maple Syrup (real)
Maraschino cherries
Mayonnaise (all)
Mustard (all)
Mustard, Dijon
Mustard, Spicy Brown
Non Dairy Creamer (dry)
Regular and flavored
Non Fat Dry Milk
Nuts, canned/bottled
Nuts, baking (bag)
Olives, ripe
Olives, Manzanilla
Onion Powder
Onion Soup Mix (dry)
Orange Cream Bars
Orange Juice, frozen
Orange Sherbet (NOTE: Sherbet by Deluxe Ice Cream may contain gluten, as may their fudge bars).
Pan Coat
Pan Coat, Butter Flavored
Peanut Butter
Pickle Relish
Pineapple, canned
Popcorn, microwave
Pork & Beans
Pork Chop Bag N Bake
Potato Chips-regular, but NOT barbequed
Potatoes, Instant Mashed
Prunes, dried
Pudding, boxed mixes
Pumpkin, canned
Ranch Dressing Mix
Raspberry Lemonade, fz
Refried Beans
Relish, Sweet
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing, pourable
Sandwich Spread
Sausage Pork
Seasoning Salt
Smoked Sausage (by John Morrell & contains potato starch)
Soda Pop
Soup-Chicken & Rice Hmestyle
Soy Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce, jar
Spaghetti Sauce Mix
Spaghetti Sauce w/ Mushroom Mix  Williams Foods
Spread, 52% Vegetable
Stay Awake Aid
Steak Sauce
Stewed Tomatoes
Stomach Relief Tablets
Strawberries, frozen
Syrup, ( made by Trailblazer 7 contains less than 10 ppm)
Syrup, (Rich n’ Buttery, made by Trailblazer 7 contains less than 10 ppm)
Taco Mix ( made by Williams Foods & are GF)
Taco Shells (made by Mission Foods & are GF)
Tartar Sauce
Tea bags
Thin Sliced Meats
Tomatoes (all types)
Tomato Sauce
Tuna (all suppliers)
Turkey, sliced (lunch meat) (John Morrell )
Vanilla Extract and Imitation
Vienna Sausage
Vinegar, white distilled
Vinegar, apple cider flavored
Vinegar apple cider
Whipped Topping (dairy & non)
Worcestershire Sauce

 All WF Cheese, processed & natural are made by: