(Note that this is a personal website to help myself and family and friends find gluten free resources.  The information is below is the best information I have at the time of writing and it is not guaranteed to up-to-date, or that all information given received by me is always accurate.)

August 2013 the FDA defined the meaning of gluten free labels on foods - see news release: FDA defines GF.pdf
The FDA's new standards for the labeling of gluten-free food and other products apply to all foods and products labeled gluten-free, including dietary supplements and vitamins. Link to article by Jefferson Adams.   

In regard to how this effects restaurants offering a gluten free menu, link to an article on that topic at:


Nov. 2014-16 updates added - pdf


Western Familylink to GF list
WF canned pineapple and WF Mandarin oranges are also GF.  WF raisins are GF.


Safeway / Vons / new product information 11/30/09  Corporate office phone:  888-723-3929
Paso Robles Vons = 805-239-2744.


Distributed by Lucerne  (Lucerne, Eating Right, O-Organics)
     Phone number:  877-232-4271 

O Organics: 
Tomato sauce with basil is GF
Boxed soups for beef, chicken, or vegitable broth are GF
O-organics olive oil is NOT on the GF list, but Safeway brand and Western Family olive oils are GF.

Eating right:
Fresh packaged chicken is NOT on the GF list
Packaged salad greens are GF if no added dressing



Almond Breeze – link to info


Boost made by Novartis is gluten free.


Most soups are NOT GF.  Regular tomato juice and V-8 juice are GF.
Link to more info


Coca-Cola Companylink to list.


Con Agra
Swiss Miss Chocolate mixes, including chocolate sensations are all GF.


Ghirardelli Chocolate – all products are GF unless noted otherwise on the product label.


Imagine Soups – are GF if labeled as such on box.


All Lions Coffees from Hawaii are GF.


Nescafe Tasters Choice Naturally decaf. 100% pure instant coffee is GF.


Do Ocean Spray® products contain gluten?
The protein gluten found in certain grains (wheat, barley, rye and oats or hybrids of these) is a concern for those with Celiac Disease. Based on documentation from our ingredient suppliers, Ocean Spray beverages and sauces are free from this type of gluten. Craisins® Trail Mixes and Craisins® Chocolate Covered Cranberries may contain gluten. If you have a particularly acute sensitivityto gluten in foods, we suggest you consult your physician for his or her recommendation.
What do the words “from concentrate” mean on the label?
Our products are produced by using juices from concentrate. At harvest time, the juice from the fruit is concentrated, a process that removes the water. Then, during the juice drink manufacturing process, water is added along with the juice concentrate.
Do your 100% juices have added sugar?
We do not add any sugar to our 100% Cranberry Juices and 100% Grapefruit Juices. The grams of sugar shown on the label come from fructose and glucose naturally occurring in the fruit juices used to make the product.

Via phone - Craisins (dried cranberries) other than those mentioned above are GF.


Pacific soups and rice milks – are GF if labeled as such on box.


Rice Dream drink in boxes is now GF and labeled as such on the box.


Organic Valley dairy products - link


Yogurt -  Darigold, Lucerne, and Yoplait have GF on the label of safe ones.  Damon yogurts were NOT safe when I called them last at the end of 2007.



Safeway Brand geen tea and Herbal Tea (Lemon, Evening Delight, Chamomile, Peppermint are GF


Celestial Seasonings Natural Teas - packaging now states Gluten Free on the box.  These teas
Are part of the Hain Celestial Group (800-434-4246)


Are Stash Teas Gluten free?
We do not use any wheat, rye, oats, or barley in any of our teas. They are 100% gluten free


Good Earth teas are gluten free - they also say that on the package



Black Pearl olives are gluten free.


C & W and Birdseye
All frozen vegetables w/o sauces are gluten free.


Contadinalink to list


Del Monte Foods – link to info-1          more information-2


Dole – all 100% juices frozen or liquid are GF.  If less than 100% juice listed, then could have gluten. Most juices now are made by Tropicana, which makes their liquid juices in a GF facility, and the calcium and vit. D are also GF. 
Dole canned fruits are GF except there is a chance of contamination in the Philippine plant, but other locations are OK, except dates which are made in the same location in US as trail mix and may be cross-contaminated with gluten.


Langer Juices:
From: Bruce Langer <>
Date: Monday, August 14, 2006 9:25 AM
Subject: Re: gluten free?
Hello.  All of our juices are gluten free, including the ones that are less than 100% which do have high fructose corn syrup.  Hope that helps.  Enjoy.


Minute Maid juices - only 100% juice is GF, if vitamins or anything else added, not certain that it is GF.


NORPAC offers full lines of premium quality frozen vegetables, berries, fruits and juices to consumer markets across nearly every part of America. In some parts of the country you'll find our products sold under our FLAV-R-PAC® brand, in other regions we market the same products under our WESTPAC® brand.
Norpac and associated, Flav-r-pac and Westpac frozen vegetables are all GF except a few with sauces.  Santiam canned plain vegetables are also GF. (phone inquiry)


S & W foodslink


Smucker’s Adam’s Peanut butter is Gluten free & also some jams.

From: "Elena Alejandre" <>
Date: August 23, 2007 8:28:29 AM PDT
Subject: Reply From Sun-Maid

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our Sun-Maid products.  We appreciate your concern over a possible connection between our
product and your health.

We do not pack any products containing gluten at our Kingsburg plant.  There are no additives or preservatives in our Sun-Maid Natural Sun- Dried Raisins or our Zante Currants.  When the raisins are ready to be processed, we clean the raisins using large aspirators (vaccums), graders, and shakers to remove stems, dirt, and other foreign objects. 

We then do a very thorough washing in fresh water which not only rehydrates the raisins, but also serves to move the raisins along the conveyor systems during processing.  There are no additives used to coat the raisins.

Some of our dried fruits are packaged at other plants that also produce products that contain wheat.  These products are labeled where  appropriate with the statement “Packed in a facility that also packs…,” which can be found just below the ingredient statement on the package.

Thank you again for your interest in our products.

Sun-Maid Growers of California
Consumer Affairs

From: "Sunsweet Ca Mailbox" <>
Date: June 30, 2008 1:26:06 PM PDT
Subject: RE: Your Comment/Question

Thank you for contacting us regarding the gluten content of Sunsweet
products. The ingredient list on all our products is complete and accurate. Sunsweet products do not contain gluten, nor do we process any products in plants that contain gluten, except for our Plumsweets, otherwise known as chocolate covered prunes. If you have any further questions, please call our Consumer Affairs Department, toll free, at
1-800-417-2253. Our representatives are available to assist you weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Thank you for your comments.

Sunsweet prunesmore info


Welch’s grape jam is gluten free.


Thank you for contacting XanGo. I apologize for my delay in responding to your question. XanGo Juice is certified as gluten free and so there should be no chance of it being contaminated.



Annie's - called 1/2011 - clean lines and test each batch of GF foods for gluten < 20 ppm. Meet current federal standards - for US and Canada.


Arrowhead brand – wheat free is NOT necessarily GF – may have contamination issues.  
Update 1/2011 - this company is part of the Hain Celestial Group (800-434-4246), and was told by phone that now all products by Hain Celestial Group, or companies associated with them, are tested to contain < 10 ppm gluten, if they have a triangle stating gluten free on the package. This includes Arrowhead Mills Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes, which are quite tasty!


Bob’s Red Mill – all products that are gluten free are labeled as such.  
 Link to gf website:


EnerG products are guaranteed to be GF, such as breads, bread crumbs, egg substitute, and pretzels.


DeBoles pasta is tested and GF.


C & H pure sugars are safe.


Chebe bread = GF – more information on Chebe products.


From: Meeks, Pam <>
Date: Friday, July 21, 2006 5:29 AM
Subject: RE: corn starch question
Dear Friend,
RE: Gluten-Free
Clabber Girl Corporation understands the growing concern of the Celiac
patient.  The following Clabber Girl products are gluten-free:
*  Clabber Girl Baking Powder
*  Clabber Girl Corn Starch
Rumford Baking Powder
*  Rumford Corn Starch
*  Davis Baking Powder
*  KC Baking Powder
*  Hearth Club Baking Powder
Clabber Girl products are also produced in a peanut-free facility. As our business continues to grow, we will remain conscious of those people that are sensitive to certain foods.  For further information about our peanut free facility, please go to the following URL:
Pamela Meeks
Clabber Girl Corporation
Date: Monday, July 17, 2006 9:44 AM
Rumford Natural baking powder is gluten free.
Rumford Cornstarch is a gluten free product.


General Mills Corn chex and rice chex newer ones are gluten free – be sure the
box is labeled GF.


Glutino bought out Gluten Free Pantry – all products are gluten free and tested before sale, even if made other countries.


Kettle chips now has quite a few flavors of GF potato chips, but ONLY the ones labeled as GF. Confirmed by phone 1/2011 that are produced in a gluten free environment.


Lundberg products – such as rice chips and rice cakes are GF, if labeled as such.


Mission brand tortillas - link


Mrs. Leeper’s pasta – website.  May have had problems from this in 2006 & could not find a contact phone number.


Nature’s Path and Enviro Kidswebsite info on gluten.


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:10:51 EDT
Subject: Re: celiac question

We are very aware of the Celiac Sprue and the need for product with no  cross
contamination. Our Ancient Harvest Quinoa, Quinoa Flakes and Quinoa Flour 
are all 100% quinoa with nothing added and they are all produced in facilities 
that are dedicated to keeping them both wheat and gluten free. Our Ancient 
Harvest Wheat Free Pastas are made in a completely different facility than our 
Wheat Pasta, however, they are corn based with quinoa added, so if you are
also  allergic to corn you would not be able to tolerate the pasta.

Our quinoa comes from Bolivia and Peru and is grown high in the Andes 
Mountains where no wheat or gluten product has ever or will ever be grown.  Our
facilities in Bolivia and Peru are dedicated to only quinoa and our facility  here
in Gardena where we package the quinoa only has quinoa no other grains in 
any of our machines. We package our quinoa, quinoa flakes and quinoa flour right
 here in our own warehouse to keep it free from any cross contamination. And
even  with all these precautions, we still send periodic samples to be tested
with the  Elisa Testing Method which detects even the slightest amount of

In our Employment we have at least 2 of our employees who also have Celiac 
Sprue, so yes we are aware and we are very diligent to keep our Ancient Harvest
 Wheat Free/Gluten Free products just that, Wheat Free and Gluten Free.

Best regards,
Linda/Customer Service


Rices including S & W Rice (GF) and Riviana


Vic and Hallie's GF Baking – gluten free recipes



Q: Do Bar-S products contain gluten?
A: ALL Bar-S products are gluten free. The source of modified food starch in our products is from corn. However, our Chuck Wagon brand Franks contain wheat flour.


From: "Deborah Sommers" <>
Date: August 23, 2007 8:04:45 AM PDT
Subject: RE: Canned almonds
Thank you for contacting us again here at Blue Diamond.

Most of our almonds are gluten free.  The ones you will want to avoid are the BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce as they have wheat in the seasonings.  This is clearly listed on the label.
The other one you would want to avoid are the Jordan almonds (hard shell candied ones commonly used for weddings) as these are produced by one of our outside co-packers.

Our Roasted / Salted almonds are gluten-free and are not produced where they can become contaminated with wheat, barley or other contaminants.!

Deborah Sommers
Customer Response Coordinator
Marketing Department


B & G Foods Gluten free list and brands, including Underwood spreads and B & M baked beans


From: Marge Broncaccio <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 11:50 AM
Subject: FW: BGFoods Contact Us Submission: Trappey's product
The plant where this product is filled does not declare any of the products filled there to be gluten free.  The ingredients used are purchased from many suppliers and we have not been provided with a definitive statement declaring their ingredients to be 100% gluten free.  So we prefer to err on the side of safety and not include the Trappey's products in our gluten free products listing.


Bumble Bee – all fish products, such as herring and oysters, are GF in a GF environment.  Only the crackers in snack packs have gluten.  Brunswick Kipper snacks are made by Bumble Bee and are GF.


Hormel and Jennie-O meats GF lists  - includes cure 81 ham is GF


Oscar Mayer gluten free list – link


Pacific Pearl Smoked Oysters are gluten free.


Tony's Fish Market - Tony's smoked salmon is gluten free.


Valley Fresh canned and package chicken is GF and has GF label.



Euphoria Chocolate Company
All solid chocolate, dark to light and plain truffles are GF, but rep not sure about some of other products.


The Hershey Company  - link to information
Payday candy bar  800-468-1714
Accurate information regarding gluten is indicated on labels according to
Recorded phone message for Hershey.


With Ben and Jerry's, just like Kraft you just have to read the ingredents. No need for a list. From their site.
We do not have a list of gluten-free flavors. Sorry! The ingredients that we use change quite often. We do not want to claim a flavor is gluten-free, then have that list become outdated and the recipients not aware of the latest changes.
Ben and Jerry’s has a very proactive approach to addressing the concerns of gluten-restricted and other food allergic individuals. We work closely with all of our ingredient suppliers, including packaging, to verify all ingredient components. This includes those ingredients in natural flavors, colors and spices that would be a concern to persons with sensitivity to gluten. We ensure that this information is then included on our products ingredient label.
If our product contains gluten, its presence would be indicated on the label by the words wheat flour or flour. Should any of our products contain those grains (wheat, flour, barley, oats, rye, etc.) the label would reference them. We understand that there are tricky ways that gluten can be missed. We assure you that we have researched our ingredients carefully, and we know exactly what is going into our ice cream.
Ben and Jerry’s is a member of the Food Allergy Network and the Food Allergy Resource and Research Program. Upon the advice of these consumer and industry groups we do not provide a list of flavors that do not contain gluten. There is always a concern with any list that the list would be replicated and the end recipients would not receive updates that would be required with a formulation change. The safe approach recommended by these organizations is to read the label each time a purchase is made. We are very sorry that we can not provide you with a list. Recognizing that reading food labels can be time-consuming and tedious, we wish to encourage you in your daily effort to read all food labels, as it is the best way for us to insure that you receive the information you need to make an informed and confident choice.


Dryers and Bryers and Haagen-Dazs ice creams have reliable labels for showing possible gluten ingredients.


Quality Checked ice cream & fudge bars may be contaminated with gluten – phone call.


Tilamook Ice Cream Gluten free list and comments


Master Foods USA 800-627-7853
M&Ms and Midnight Milky Ways are among their GF products.


Nestle_have complete labeling.
GF include semi-sweet toll house chocolate chips, Butterfinger, After Eight Mints, Wonka,  Sweet Tarts, Coffee Mate and more – link to list


Pamela's gluten-free cookies and mixes are produced on 100% dedicated gluten-free machinery.

Pamela's Products have been formulated and produced to be wheat-free and gluten-free. Our products are produced in a facility which also makes products containing: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and soy. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any product in the Pamela's line, please contact us at: Phone 707-462-6605 or email


Thank you for your interest in Bel/Kaukauna cheese products. We’re happy to answer your product questions.

Since we obtain ingredients from outside suppliers, and since neither they nor we perform testing for gluten, we are unable to certify absolutely that our branded products ( Kaukauna, Wispride, Merkts, Owl’s Nest, and Connoisseur) contain no gluten. To the best our knowledge; however, our Cheddar cheese based Cold Pack Cheese Spreads do not contain any gluten including barley, oats or rye. Such products would include our cups, cheese balls, cheese logs in flavors like Sharp, Extra Sharp Cheddar, Smoky Cheddar, Port Wine, and Swiss Almond ( in regular and Lite 50 varieties ). In our products we know contain “Wheat Gluten”, the information is declared in the ingredient statement on the label.

The following Kaukauna, WisPride, Merkts, Connoisseur, and Owl's Nest branded products DO contain wheat gluten, some comes from hydrolyzed plant protein, an ingredient we add in small amounts.   For the other products the ingredient origin of the wheat gluten is noted.
1.        Kaukauna French Onion Dip cup
2.        Kuakauna and WisPride Garden Vegetable Neufchatel Cheese Snack Spread cup
3.        Kaukauna and WisPride Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread cup
4.        Kaukauna and WisPride Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread ball
5.        Kaukauna Nacho Cheese Dip cup (contains wheat flour ).
6.        Merkts - Beer Cheese Spread (possible entry from beer)
7.        Connoisseur - Gorgonzola Cheese Spread (entry from Gorgonzola cheese)
8.        Owl's Nest - Salsa and Cream Cheese Spread(Wheat Flour from Seasoning)
For all products that we add wheat gluten or wheat flour; we will include them in the ingredients statement. We are also in the process of adding a Contains Statement to our labels that will read "Wheat" if the products contain wheat gluten or wheat starch. 

I hope the above information is helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please contact me at 1-800-558-3500.
Greg May
Quality Services Manager
Bel/Kaukauna USA


Hunts (800-858-6372) "Hunts Original BBQ Sauce" and "Hunts Perfect Squeeze Ketchup".  They say that because their distilled vinegar came from wheat products that it couldn't be considered safe.


All regular ketchup (but not organic) and regular apple cider are gluten free.  Heinz list of Gluten free products.


Is Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce gluten free?
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire is suitable for a coeliac diet, for further information on Nutritional and Allergy queries please contact us. 1-800-987-4674


Kraft always clearly labels any sources of gluten, if the product is not gluten free. This policy dates back to at least year 2000 or before.
If a Kraft product is made with an ingredient that contains a source of gluten and that ingredient is the only source of gluten in the product, the grain source is listed in parentheses after the ingredient.  This method is used, as necessary, to identify ingredient sources for natural flavor, modified food starch and others. 

Nabisco Cream of Rice hot cereal is GF by Kraft.


Tapatio hot sauce - link


Lafeber bird diets – none are wheat or gluten free, even if the wheat is not listed.


McCormick / Shilling spices
Gluten-Free Information
You have searched for information about gluten or gluten-free items. Due to ingredient changes that may occur as we constantly improve our products, we are not able to offer a list of gluten-free McCormick products. We encourage you to always read the ingredient statement on your package at the time of purchase to ensure accurate information regarding the product you are purchasing.
If you would like information on any specific product, please key that product name into the search box above or contact our Consumer Affairs Department:
*  Call 1-800-632-5847, Monday-Friday, 9:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Time
When a product that contains gluten is formulated, we take precautions to ensure the source of gluten is declared on our label in the ingredient statement. As a responsible food company, McCormick follows the FDA's Compliance Policy Guide "Statement of Policy for Labeling and Preventing Cross Contact of Common Food Allergens" to ensure consumer safety concerning food allergies.


Yes, there are brands of popcorn that are GF. Here are some:
Act II
Jolly Time
Orville Redenbacher All varieties GF except the caramel pour-over popcorn & Ultimate Theatre Style w/ BBQ Flavor pouch
(info from a forum)


Seeds of Change Dressings – not run on dedicated lines, but cleaned between, so is a small chance of contamination.  (phone 2007)


San-J organic tamari sauce = gluten free – link to more info


TastyBite – gluten free list and information



Crest Toothpaste is GF


Colgate Palmolivelist link.


Unilever Products:
All products that might have gluten have a warning on the label.
Lawrys Season salt is Gluten free
Caress Bath bar soap is GF


Proctor and Gamble products – Cascade, Joy and Ivory liquid are all GF.
Gluten free detergents:  Cascade, Dawn, Joy, Ivory liquid, and All laundry detergent are gluten free.



The manufacturers say that Citrucel fiber won't cause excess gas or bloating because the bacteria in the gut cannot break it down. Citrucel is gluten free.
Metamucil is also GF.


Citracal tablets and calcium citrate tablets and caplets contain no wheat, barley, yeast or rye, and are dairy and gluten free.


Most Nature Made vitamins are gluten free labeled and are labeled as such - check the labels.


Perrigo -  makes many common over the counter drugs – look for symbol of parallelogram or two dots like a colon to identify products made by them that are showing a store label.   Phone them and give them the lot number and expiration date each time a product is purchased to make sure it is GF for that lot.  Phone number is:   800-719-9260


Paul Knerr' <  contact for corperate Safeway pharmacy.
Safeway brand of "Mucous Relief"
Oct. 2006 This product is Gluten Free and produced in a Gluten free environment.


Mucinex brand is also GF
From: Nicole Smart <>
To: <>
Cc: Dan Wagner <>
Date: Monday, October 9, 2006 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: gluten

Thank you for your inquiry on Mucinex 600 mg Extended-Release Tablets.
This over-the-counter product contains the single active ingredient
guaifenesin and is indicated to help loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin
bronchial secretions to rid the bronchial passageways of bothersome
mucus and make coughs more productive.

Mucinex is gluten-free and does not contain any grain-derived products.
Also, the manufacturing facility does not use gluten-containing
ingredients during the processing of any products. The sodium starch
glycolate is derived from the potato.

The above information is provided to you as a professional courtesy in
response to your inquiry, and is intended only to assist you. It is not
intended to advocate any indication, dosage, or other claim that is not
described in the product labeling.

Nicole A. Smart
Medical Affairs Associate 
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc


Wheaton Gluten Free Suport Group medlist
Note: does not always seem to be up to date and accurate - double check with the individual drug companies



Georgia Pacific uses gluten to bind paper together.  Make Zee and Bawny brands – NOT GF.


Proctor and Gamble make Puffs, Bounty towels and napkins and Charmin TP, which are all GF. They also make Pantene hair products that are GF.


Kimberly Clark makes Kleenex and all Kleenex products are GF.




 Portland Oregon gluten free restaurants list